All About Ally


Who is Essentially Ally?

Hello! My name is Allyson Raskin- I am a wife to a super supportive husband, and mother to two amazing children, a rescue “DoberDane”, and a guinea pig. I spent 18 years in telecommunications in a very fruitful career. After my second child was born, right at the time when I was getting back from maternity leave (3 months) he COMPLETELY stopped eating. He was also covered with a rash, was projectile vomiting and would hold his breath because it hurt him to breath. We quickly learned that he was suffering from a leaky gut. I was nursing, so everything that I was eating was making him sick! He was a smart little man and realized that eating made him hurt. I was told by a pediatric gastroenterologist to take everything out of my diet except for a few proteins, fruits and vegetables- NO wheat, dairy or soy or anything that had been produced in a plant with those allergens. I had to throw out all of my supplements and beauty products because they too contained allergens. I spent the next 8 weeks nursing my son while he was asleep every 1.5 hours so that he wouldn’t lose weight. Several times, we were moments away from putting him on a feeding tube. It was one of the worst times of my life.

But this horrific situation led to some amazing changes in our lives. I started taking my vacation time to travel to nutrition conferences. I studied and read everything that I could get my hands on and I made some significant changes in our home. We took out all wheat, soy, and processed sugar and added in a ton of healthy fats. I started cooking! I was not only cooking nutritious meals (by Weston A Price standards- not the food pyramid that we are told is healthy), but I started making bone broth and fermented foods. My little girl started eating sauerkraut and my son was drinking kombucha- who knew!?!?

At one of these nutrition conferences, my dear friend turned me on to Young Living Essential Oils. I had no idea how powerful therapeutic oils could be. While we were now a healthy family, there will still things that I ran into as a parent. For instance, my daughter had a wart on her finger and I applied an oil recommended for that. It just fell off after 2 weeks and 2 drops of oil. That was my first “ah, ha” moment. My life has been filled will hundreds more since that experience.

In October of 2014, I went on one of the most meaningful trips of my life with 39 other women to Israel. I spend a lot of time soul searching and when I came home I quit my corporate career. I now spend all of my time educating on health and essential oils, as well as spending quality time with my family. I feel truly blessed that what started as the worst time in my life has led me to a fulfilling one!